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This game will take you away into a mystic world full of adventure and magic.

You can go on unbelievable adventures,fight evil enemies and discover amazing magic treasures together with hundreds of players from all around the world. Explore islands, forests and caves full of mystic secrets and ancient magic artifacts. You can also become a blacksmith, mine your own metals and make your own weapons and armor. Mix your own magic potion recipes and become a legendary Wizard.

You can download and play this game for free from this website!

1st of April 2024
Competition Results
The winners of the Fishing Competition are: 1st place - Nevermore with 903 Magic Fish eaten. 2nd Place - Rage with 10,625 Big Fish eaten. 3rd Place - Floby with 190,439 Small Fish eaten.

25th of March 2024
Eat your fish! The players who eat the most fish will be rewarded. The player to eat the most small fish will receive 1x blessed amulet, the player to eat the most big fish will receive 3x blessed amulets and the player to eat the most magic fish will receive 1x crystal eye pendant. Both raw and smoked fish count towards the total eaten. Competition starts: 25th of March at 7:30 UTC. Competition ends: 31st March at 7:30 UTC.

23rd of March 2024
Rafaga, Udwin and Frawd have been promoted from Game Master to Admin.

20th of March 2024
Item Changes
Blessed Amulet - price has been updated to 65,000 Gold.

20th of March 2024
Account page has been updated to allow users to download a copy of their characters Private Key.

17th of March 2024
Map Update
Small fixes have been made to a number of maps that were reported to contain problems.

17th of March 2024
Item Changes
Wooden Shield - mana reducer removed, Meftar's Ear - Item Restored, Shop Items - changed to non-droppable.

11th of March 2024
If you and your referral reach level 10+ you both will receive a free friendship ring. Promotion period: 11th of March 2024 to 31st of March 2024. Promotion restrictions: 1 Friendship Ring per Account.

8th of March 2024
Server Live
Both Shadow Plane (PvE) and Dark Plane (PvP) are live!

3rd of March 2024
Coming Soon...
A new Shadow Plane & Dark Plane is being prepared.